25 March 2008

Why Don't Sheep Shrink When It's Raining?

Much like how I pose the question, "Why haven't I had Bud Light (or is it Lite) in years (and I mean YEARS)?" Well, now I totally remember why--it's because what blue-collared Americans call "beer" stays in your system, keeping a "nice" buzz going for hours to come. After only 2.75 pints of this "beer" (or as I'd like to call, hop-flavored water), I came home to a wave of nausea only to wake up with more nausea sitting in my tummy.

After only an hour of a nap, I asked tsudoku for a solution, to which he offered, "throw it up." NO! What is with you and throwing up? He gave me a glass (ha, I almost typed "flask") of water, which only made it worse since it gave me the feeling that the beer was separating from the just consumed water like oil and vinegar.

The solution was simple: food. Had I told you that at the beginning, this blog would've been pointless and we can't have that. Would I go to happy hour with my coworkers to experience this American feeling in my tummy? Perhaps next time I'll stick to rum. =) Now if you'll excuse me, I'll need to evacuate what's left of the "booze" in my body.

No, I am NOT going to throw it up.

PS: for you regular gamers out there, Lost Planet 2's achievements have been posted.