26 September 2010

Cold Games to Counteract this Blazing Heat

Autumn officially started September 23rd and it's now blazing hot here in Southern California. So to honor this ridiculous fall weather heat, I've put together a very short list of games we can play to make it feel like we're sitting in an ice box. Of course, since my list is incomplete, I will gladly take any suggestions for some games that'll go great with a frozen beverage.

25 September 2010

Current XBLA Obsession: LIMBO by Playdead Studios

When I said I'd be right back, I didn't mean right away. =)
So here I am and let me start things off by telling you about my current obsession while I wait for the new A World for Keflings, Fable 3 and oh, yes, the KINECT (yes, I went to GameStop and reserved my VERY FIRST GAMING SYSTEM...actually, it's more of an add-on considering our current Xbox is still in working condition). This new obsession has a simple name and a simple premise; it's called LIMBO. The objective: to find out what happened to your sister (and to make it out alive).

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23 September 2010

Bring Justice to Julian Collender - a plea to the public

On June 30, 2010, a man I was fortunate enough to have known for a short while was fatally shot and killed by the Brea Police Department in Orange County, CA. His name was Julian “Jules” Stanley Collender and he was 25 years old. I am writing to ask that you help me bring justice to Julian by signing the e-petition that can be found on http://justiceforjulian.com for a thorough, unbiased investigation in hopes that it will provide details of this tragic event.

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