12 April 2013

Where the Story Ends.

If you've been a reader of Fake It Like Bacon in the past you were probably well aware that I wasn't very good about keeping it up to date. Could you blame me? I had a pretty push and pull relationship when it came to gaming, losing interest in it for a few months, playing sporadically when the latest update to my favorite indie game came about, and then putting it away again in favor of reading or crocheting.

I’m here to tell you that effective July 2013 (when Google Reader gets laid to rest) I will be shutting down this blog. Why do it now? Well, for starters, I haven’t been on top of this blog for quite some time, and then there’s the fact that I recently ended my 8 year courtship with tsudoku, whose hobbies were the main reason I started this blog. With our relationship coming to an end there's simply no reason to continue FILB (that and I'll no longer have the Xbox, or a TV for that matter). 

Let me tell you that making the decision to shut down the blog was much easier than coming to the conclusion and acceptance that the relationship had reached the end of its beautiful course. It was a journey that I like to imagine was full of long and windy rivers, pink magnolia trees that were always in bloom, and little piglets running up and down alongside the rivers trying to keep up with our boat as we drifted past. 

We were given the option to continue the story as Elites or as n00bz. Most of the FPS games he played IRL were always on the hardest settings unless I was playing co-op with him, and only then he would then set the game to an easier, friendlier mode. The same could be said about how we navigated the relationship too, I guess. We reached a lot of milestones together and unlocked a lot of doors, but at some point we sandboxed. I can’t give too much more away without hurting the integrity of the story, but let’s just say that there’s more to life than just replaying your favorite game.

How are we doing now? Well, it’s weird but we’re coming to terms with what’s going on. Most importantly though, is the fact that we’ll both be OK. Before we started dating we were fortunate enough to have built a solid 10 year friendship, which to this day still blows me away. This isn’t to say it’s going to be easy from here on out; in fact, we have no idea what we’re doing.

We’re just trying our best to be there for each other. The hardest part was telling our immediate families and friends (a lot of our friends still aren't aware of the breakup and if you’re one of them and you’re reading this, we’re really sorry we didn’t tell you sooner. Give one of us a call or shoot us an email and maybe we can talk about it over a meal or coffee).

It’s been a really long story and I apologize for giving you such an unsatisfying ending. But why look at it as just a crummy ending to what a lot of our friends (as did we) took as a love story? Here is how I am trying to look at it:

Our boat has finally reached a dock leading into a city. He helps me out of the boat after I hand him his health pack and supplies. We walk toward the city but there is a fork in the road before we reach the gate.  The road to the left leads away from the city and into the woods to a destination unknown while the road to the right is winding but clearly leads into the city itself. We look at each other one last time before letting go and decide that if our roads were to cross again in the future (romantically or otherwise), it would happen on these two specific paths.

Thank you for your readership, for subscribing, and for stumbling upon this blog because of that one gun post I wrote up oh so many years ago. I can’t believe that got so many visits from like, Norway or wherever.

I’ll still be around on the web. Who knows, maybe I’ll start up a Tumblr account or WordPress blog. But if you are so inclined you may find and follow me on Instagram

Oh, and for the curious because I know this will come up – will I be deleting photos of tsudoku from my Instagram account? The answer is no. How can anyone expect me to erase and forget 8 beautiful years? This isn't Montauk, and we all know how that story ends. 

See you on the road...

Vicki (Tuff Ryd3rz)