16 June 2011

2K Games Blacklists Eurogamer - A Call to Action

You may recall yesterday's small rant about The Redner Group openly threatening any game review sites that would dare give the highly anticipated game, Duke Nukem Forever, a bad review by blacklisting them from receiving any future games. Well, in a turn of events, I just read this morning that not only has 2K Games (the company behind Duke Nukem Forever and BioShock) dropped their business relationship with The Redner Group, they've also blacklisted Eurogamer.net. According to @tombramwell of Eurogamer:

 "I feel sorry for @TheRednerGroup today. We are blacklisted by @2KGames and it seems to be standard practice."

Are you for real?

What has happened to our beloved industry? In a day and age when we're trying to eliminate bullying in our schools, workplace, and homes, are you telling me we're gonna let these guys get away with this? Listen up, kids: what 2K Games is pulling is not right, not fair, and puts gamers and writers out there like you and me in danger. 

2K Games has yet to release an official statement over the real reason why Eurogamer was blacklisted. Regardless, we as a community CANNOT LET 2K GAMES GET AWAY WITH THIS. I'm not telling you to boycott 2K Games; all I'm asking is that you open up a valid, NON-PROFANITY LACED discussion on their forums, blogs, reddit, Twitter, anywhere really, and let them know that what they're doing is WRONG and a disservice to the gaming community. If it weren't for us and for our reviews, 2K Games and every gaming company—big, small, start-up, indie—wouldn't exist.

Read Eurogamer.net's detailed review for Duke Nukem Forever here.

15 June 2011

Child of Eden - Duke Nukem PR Scandal - Shoes!


Guess what game was released yesterday?! If you guessed Ubisoft's Child of Eden, you won a prize: you get to read my review on the game - wee!!

Oh man, lemme tell you, Child of Eden is one pretty-ful game. You've probably heard me call it Rez 2 (or not), and if you've yet to play Rez at all, don't worry - you can still download it from XBLA. Here are my thoughts for COE so far: