15 June 2011

Child of Eden - Duke Nukem PR Scandal - Shoes!


Guess what game was released yesterday?! If you guessed Ubisoft's Child of Eden, you won a prize: you get to read my review on the game - wee!!

Oh man, lemme tell you, Child of Eden is one pretty-ful game. You've probably heard me call it Rez 2 (or not), and if you've yet to play Rez at all, don't worry - you can still download it from XBLA. Here are my thoughts for COE so far:

CHILD OF EDEN by Ubisoft
Platform: Microsoft Xbox 360
**For better gameplay, use the Kinect (unless you're a Wii player, in which case, you can sit and use the controls)

  • The graphics are amazing. Essentially, it's Rez to the power of 10. Colorful, interactive, makes me smile (a plus!)
  • The music is pleasantly techno-y, taking me back to my days as a wannabe candy kid (think glow sticks)
  • Easy enough to play...for now. Everyone knows I suck at FPS games and with COE being a single-player first-person "shooter" game (so to speak), the only weapons I need to worry about are my hands. Gameplay includes me channeling Daniel-san and his "wax on, wax off" moves (no clue what I'm talking about? Go ask your parents), with the right hand for locking on to the target before firing (or what I like to call "pushing air") and the left hand for rapid fire
  • It's a workout (assuming you utilize the Kinect)

  • Either the placement of our Kinect sucks or I'm actually too tall to play this game properly (I'm five feet tall and tsudoku is 6'2"). In order for us to play this game we have to either crouch or stand with our legs wide apart just so the Kinect sensor can see that we're trying to aim and shoot at the enemies - it gets tiring after awhile
  • Not a whole lot of levels and/or challenges. There are only so many computer viruses you can purify in the world of Eden without getting a bit bored with the gameplay
Like all other Kinect games, Child of Eden has an MSRP of $50. I love the game so far, but if you can borrow it from a buddy, I'd say that's your best option. If you must own the game, then do what I did; trade in a couple games and get it for a relatively cheaper price. Knowing us, tsudoku will have finished the game by the time I get home from work later today, and I'll finish it by the end of the month.


On another note, what's this I hear about Duke Nukem's PR company threatening to withold any/all future game releases to companies that release real-life, albeit scathing, reviews of the game?? That doesn't sound right, but according to @TheRednerGroup "too many went too far with their reviews...we r reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn't based on today's venom." Hrm.

The "they" in this case would be awesome game sites like Kotaku, Joystiq, even gamasutra, sites that I religiously turn to if I wanted to read a review about an upcoming title, learn how to get that extra achievement, and how to become a better, more active gamer.

Sure game reviews can be heinous, some reviewers call it a "critique", and sometimes it's downright mean. Now, I'm not saying that it was acceptable for The Redner Group to act out the way they did (on a social networking site of all places); but you gotta understand, the reviewers were doing their job.

The job of a PR company is to protect and save a brand or company if/when it fails for whatever reason. Instead, The Redner Group decided to take it personally, placing themselves in a highly vulnerable position, nevermind what damage they in turn inflicted upon Duke Nukem Forever, a highly anticipated title that's been in the works for a little over a decade.

But because of that awesome tweet the company sent out, the attention has shifted from Duke Nukem Forever, placing The Redner Group in an uncomfortable spotlight. Let's just hope that they have the brains to hire an outside PR company to save their hides on this one.

Read more about this PR circus here.


Finally, a small post about one of the many things I covet most: shoes! Steve Madden shoes to be exact :) Check out these babies I affectionately call my Fable boots:

You may call me Sparrow
 I love 'em! They're comfy, they've got unusual hardware and straps, and they've got just the right amount of attitude that says, "I'm ready to kill some hobs, flirt with the locals in every village, and go see a Fleet Foxes concert when the kids are asleep."

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