20 May 2011

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, April 13, 2011

Egyptian artifactsFalcon and Catmore artifactsartifactsWild cat and snake on papyrusVicki with a Gryphon
Another stone cross tabletornate cross tabletSaint?stained glassStory of the Virgin and ChildVirgin and Child flanked by angels
carved hornBeautiful gilt crossornate keySt. John the Baptist??MermaidSaint Catherine di Siena
Vicki wielding a swordDarth Vader amor and helmetodd helmetHelmet
This is the third and final set from our NY series - promise. The Met has got to be the loudest museum I've ever been to, which kind of annoyed me as I treat my museum experiences like how anyone else would behave when in a house of worship. Oh well, what can you expect from a museum that's also a tourist trap?

Our favorite exhibit was the Medieval/Weapons Collection - be sure to take a close look at the helmets and the armor!

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