10 May 2011

Time is a gift

Lately I've been biding my time by focusing on the more important things in life: exploring Flickr, uploading pictures from our trip to the East Coast (which I will link to at a later date), catching up on reading, hanging out with mom and a few friends, and updating my closet. Notice that none of that included playing any games of any sort - I need a LONG break! Sitting on the sidelines and watching/listening to tsudoku play is fine by me for the time being - and I'm used to it. I'm focusing on me and it's such a wonderful thing!

Since we've returned from vacation I've been bitten by the travel bug and have been going through a case of wanderlust (it's contagious). So...I booked a 3-day cruise with some girlfriends to Ensenada and I'm super excited! I've never been on a cruise - the whole not being able to swim thing kind of kept me away from staying too long on a boat for extended periods of time. But I hear that you get to eat (a lot) on a cruise and you have no access to the internet, which sounds excellent in theory. Regardless, this will be a great exercise in staying off Twitter for 3 days (oh my god I may kill someone).

Check back later for pictures from our trip to New York, and maybe a couple from our friends' wedding in New Jersey. See you later, promise!

PS: we never did get to meet tsudoku's Legion of Honor friends - jerks. Not really, one lives in Rhode Island and the other lives in upstate NY so for them to get to Midtown Manhattan would've been sorta difficult. Still! I don't like being stood up!

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