20 May 2011

Central Park, NY, April 13 & 17, 2011

me on a random road in Central Park Cleopatra's Needle through the tulip magnolia trees Tulip magnoliasTulip magnolia trees tulip magnolias crabs underneathe the obelisk
Cleopatra's NeedleTurtle Pond Turtle Pond Castle through the trees Turtle Pond by Belvedere Castle Belvedere Castle
Vicki in front of Belvedere Castle Foggy skyline seen from Central Park Peter in front of Belvedere Castle Daffodils Bridge in Central Park with lamp post Shakespeare's Garden plaque
Bridge in Central Park CNN building Columbus Circle USS Maine Monument Globe in front of the Time Warner Ctr., Columbus Circle
Now, you're probably (not) thinking, didn't she go to New Jersey too?? Well, yes, and the only pictures we took while in NJ was from the wedding (which was beautiful by the way - only a couple really tanned folks).

I won't bore you with wedding photos...I'll wait until I get married to do that - ha!

Oh yes, this set was from the two days we spent in Central Park. Looking back on this set in particular makes me feel all sentimental and gushy inside. Better quit that.

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