26 May 2008

I've gone a-twitter

You may now call me your Queen of Royal Coolness LOL. Not really. People at work have been peer(?) pressuring(more like, demanding) me to join twitter.com. So, I have. Come follow me and find out what I'm doing (when I should be working, sleeping, eating, etc). Search me out: Vickipedia. My picture's pretty cool if I do say so myself:

Nudge me, I like being nudged so long as your fingers aren't sticky.

24 May 2008

I've got video game skills....

I just stumbled onto a small link for Napoleon Dynamite: the Game (PSP, DS). Seriously?

Tater tots not included. Image courtesy of
No. I'm sure it sucks, just like the movie. If you're so inclined, go to IGN.com for a fair review.

21 May 2008

Hey Sailor!

When Tsudoku isn't spending his time gaming the afternoon away, he's working on his Mac. And when he's not looking at girls in bikinis and calling it "work" (don't you wish you had his job?), he's manipulating images of my friends and emailing them to me asking me to create some appropriate copy. So, I took a stab at it...

Oh come on! If you're posing with your bottle o' rum like that you're seriously asking for it!

19 May 2008

Gears of War 2

For you Gear-heads out there, Gears of War 2 made an appearance at a Microsoft press event held in San Francisco over the weekend. While the game's 2006 success and eminent sequel have been highly anticipated, some are thinking that perhaps the game is a wee bit...oh, violent. Some have even gone as far as question whether Microsoft has gone too far??

To give you a quick synopsis, the game takes place approximately six months after the end of the first Gears, and "humanity faces a new and more deadly threat from its Locust enemies." There's a deeper plot and more realistic visuals in the sequel, but what really raised some eyebrows was the gory reverse groin-split scene. What? Apparently, "Gears 2 adds a reverse attack that actually slices an enemy in half -- from the groin upwards." Yikes.

Without a doubt, regular gamers on Xbox 360 Live will appreciate the new effects and enhanced graphics, and Microsoft can already foresee the success of the game. Gears of War 2 is slated to be released in November and will probably be flying off the shelves by the time the holidays hit. Go here to read more about the game and press event.

Ghost Swimming

For you [adult swim] fans out there, if you haven’t downloaded your free copy of Ghostly Swim, do it now. According to Ghostly International, the Ghostly Swim album is “A genre-busting 19-song collection…Ghostly Swim features artists like Matthew Dear, Dabrye, Tycho and Aeroc and features new signings like UK cult band The Chap and NYC producer Michna.”

As an [adult swim](er), I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Unlike ordinary mix tapes, Ghostly Swm is what happens when J. Dilla’s Donuts meets Blue State’s Man Mountain, when Peter Griffin meets Nathan Explosion, when When Harry Met Sally, etc.

Plug this album into your cochlea.

NOTE: this will be a .zip file, and may take a while to download depending on your internet connection.

18 May 2008

Video games don't kill people - people kill people

Finally! No need to worry about your kid (or boyfriend) going on a ballistic shooting rampage in a corporation owned by Italian mob bosses. According to this Yahoo! Games article, a couple Harvard Med School brainies have found in a two-year study that kids/pre-teens/teens who have a "casual relationship" with violent video games will unlikely act out because of what they've seen or experienced in their games. The research has even been penned into a book aptly titled, Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do. The authors suggest that parents should take a look at the bigger picture and find out what other factors are buggin' their kids out (e.g., they're being bullied at school, bad grades, or even obsessive gaming habits).

In other words, stop placing the blame on the games--that's bad parenting.

10 May 2008

BioShock -- the movie

You've all heard already right? BioShock the video game is now coming to the big screen. According to IGN.com, joystiq.com, Reuters, and even KROQ's morning deejays Kevin and Bean have all announced that Gore Verbinski (acclaimed director to such films as The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, The Ring, The Mexican, and my personal favorite, Mouse Hunt) is set to direct the film based off of "...the hit video game about an underwater utopia gone disastrously wrong." No financial deal has been discussed as of yet, and it looks like due to the success of the game itself, Take-Two, BioShock's and GTA's game label, has announced plans to create a sequel. The Big Daddies and Little Sisters are waiting for you...can't wait to see how that'll play out on the big screen. With Verbinski directing, I highly doubt there'll be actual movie blood shed...think Samara (of The Ring) and Davey Jones coming after you underwater...perhaps the Cracken will make a cameo? Read more here.

05 May 2008

Anywhere I Lay My Head

Scarlett Johansson's debut album featuring Tom Waits' covers and one original Scarlett track--A Song for Jo--comes out in stores on Tuesday May 20.

Mmm...that's my girlfriend up there, folks.