10 May 2008

BioShock -- the movie

You've all heard already right? BioShock the video game is now coming to the big screen. According to IGN.com, joystiq.com, Reuters, and even KROQ's morning deejays Kevin and Bean have all announced that Gore Verbinski (acclaimed director to such films as The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, The Ring, The Mexican, and my personal favorite, Mouse Hunt) is set to direct the film based off of "...the hit video game about an underwater utopia gone disastrously wrong." No financial deal has been discussed as of yet, and it looks like due to the success of the game itself, Take-Two, BioShock's and GTA's game label, has announced plans to create a sequel. The Big Daddies and Little Sisters are waiting for you...can't wait to see how that'll play out on the big screen. With Verbinski directing, I highly doubt there'll be actual movie blood shed...think Samara (of The Ring) and Davey Jones coming after you underwater...perhaps the Cracken will make a cameo? Read more here.

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