02 August 2009

Latest Fascination

Whew! It's been awhile (not to mention it's been one hectic summer)! Even with my recent pitfalls with how much the economy sucks (thankfully, I'm still employed), I've found that one of the only ways to cheat time and boredom is to do what I do best: go back to school. YES! For two weeks now I have officially been considered a part-time student at Orange Coast College. I'm taking one online course, Business Writing, and am still playing with the idea of taking a rock climbing class that starts in October.

I've always liked going to school, yet, at the same time, school kinda sucks. Let's just say I never really hit the books as hard as I did the on-campus pub. :)

So, to congratulate myself on taking the next step to NOT going for my Master's degree, I have embarked on a new journey on the Xbox. One where the storyline allows me to choose whether my character shall be evil or pure. One where I am allowed to marry more than one villager and receive an achievement for it and even get fat while I'm at it by eating too many pies. That journey my friends, is Fable 2.

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