02 August 2009

Latest Fascination

Whew! It's been awhile (not to mention it's been one hectic summer)! Even with my recent pitfalls with how much the economy sucks (thankfully, I'm still employed), I've found that one of the only ways to cheat time and boredom is to do what I do best: go back to school. YES! For two weeks now I have officially been considered a part-time student at Orange Coast College. I'm taking one online course, Business Writing, and am still playing with the idea of taking a rock climbing class that starts in October.

I've always liked going to school, yet, at the same time, school kinda sucks. Let's just say I never really hit the books as hard as I did the on-campus pub. :)

So, to congratulate myself on taking the next step to NOT going for my Master's degree, I have embarked on a new journey on the Xbox. One where the storyline allows me to choose whether my character shall be evil or pure. One where I am allowed to marry more than one villager and receive an achievement for it and even get fat while I'm at it by eating too many pies. That journey my friends, is Fable 2.

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Ah, yes, Fable 2. Now, unlike Tsudoku, I'm still exploring every far corner and region of Albion (aka, I'm still on my first try). Tsudoku, however, has practically finished this game 3 times and has even handed all his good weapons away to other players who don't deserve them (what about ME!?)

The game's awesome! In fact, I will go as far as to say that it's cute :) I get my own puppy who I've named Verdugo and who will help me fight other bad guys (bandits, hobbes, etc.) by biting them in the butt and will even help me find treasure (such as bags of money, potions, pies, and condoms). You can personalize your character, named Sparrow (a pretty damn ambigous name), by purchasing clothing, shoes, make-up, facial hair, dyes, etc., and you can either strike fear into the hearts of villagers or seduce them and have protected (or unprotected) sex with them.

Oh, and there are quests and missions that you must complete. My current mission is to find all the Heroes of Albion and to set order back into this magical land. Did I mention that you get a puppy?

Even though the game is fun and easy, I do have one complaint: I always hit the B button at the worst times possible. The B button is your 'Spell' button and of course, it's great during battles and fights with the bad guys; however, it's horrible to use around other citizens -- it scares the crap outta them and they end up hating you. So most of the time you'll see me go, "No wait! I was just kidding! I love you all!!! Come back!!!"

If you're horrible at shooting games, this game isn't a problem: it aims for you! You're equipped with a couple weapons to start off with, such as a rusty sword and shitty crossbow, but as soon as you gain enough experience points, buy yourself some new weapons, you won't regret it.

I can tell you I won't be done with this game anytime soon so if you have any tips or pointers on what to do, send me a message: gamertag Tuff Ryd3rz

Until next time....

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