24 February 2009

23 February 2009

Game Laws, Schmame Laws

Thanks to @fragdolls for posting this on Twitter earlier today:

The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled earlier today that a Calif. law restricting minors from renting and/or purchasing violent and/or mature content video games as unconstitutional, as it violates Constitution's right to free speech.

So, HA! To those irresponsible parents out there who believe that violent video games = violent attacks from their own spawn!

Read more about it here.

22 February 2009

Best Picture of the Year

Honoring the Geneva Convention in CoD

I've never, ever played Call of Duty but have seen tsudoku spend many hours laboring over it and to me, it looks like just another first-person shooter game (I really suck at those). But, it's one of the most popular games out there and it's probably one of his favorites, next to Lost Planet and Halo, of course.

Anyway, while on Twitter @fourzerotwo posted a link to a really interesting article that he came across on BoingBoing.net (fourzerotwo, if you're not already following him, works for Infinity Ward, which made CoD, Modern Warfare, etc., so go figure he'd be the first to bring this article to light). Written by regular joe Hugh Spencer, he talks about how one day his son Evan came up to him and said that he really, really wanted to play CoD - can I Dad, can I? Now Hugh, who's done some research on military history, took a look at the game and thought, yeah that's pretty accurate, but you're still blowing stuff up! What's in it for my kid?

Sooo, he asked Evan to Google "Geneva Convention" and essentially told him after he's done his research and discussed what the Geneva Convention was all about, allowed him to play CoD online with his buddies. The catch: Evan and his friends have to play by the rules of the Geneva Convention; any violations mean dismissal of the game for awhile.

Now THAT is what I call responsible and creative parenting. BRAVO!

Read the article here; oh, and the comments couldn't be more off-topic.

21 February 2009

Chad Vader Re-enacts The Oscar Nominees

I couldn't resist; it's as accurate as only Chad Vader can make it! (LOL, *snoring* I didn't see this one)

20 February 2009


Let me tell you, this game is gorgeous!! Hand-drawn characters, fluid animation, same tricks (minus the joystick/d-pad which I need tsudoku to get for me--$80!?! WTF!?), cheesier arcade soundtrack...YES! Street Fighter IV ROCKS! Unless you're playing against tsudoku (Mortal Kombat much, punk?) It's 1992 all over again.
Oh and you know, I just want to say that the only difference between me and that clerk at GameStop is that he's a virgin. (Now that I've bought my game from you and told you that I CAN PLAY Halo Wars -- albeit it was just the demo -- would you like me to tell you what sex is like?)
Speaking of Halo Wars, like I've said, I only got to mess around with the demo and it's actually kinda cool. I've never played a game like that, and my coworker tells me that type of game is called 'real time strategy.' I've got so much to learn! Apparently, if you keep playing games like that (Counter Stike, WoW), you end up ampng your multi-tasking skills. I'm going to keep at it and see if this is the route I'd like to end up going. I mean, it'd be nice to be able to eat a bagel, do my work and command an army of marines to attack the alien enemy all at the same time.

09 February 2009

Halo Fever Strikes Again!

Sooooo with the major success of the last Halo installment, why not go a step further and involve some super duper talented artists and writers from Marvel Comics in on the action? While I can't access the photos of the absolutely amazing illustrations of Master Chief, I can point you to the right direction......HERE!!!! Oh, and gamerboyz, lo and behold, there may be a cameo by Spartan 117 before he became Master Chief!

I'm starting to geek out. PEACE!

Wood-n't you know it?

Horrible pun indeed. Someone actually sent in a wooden version of the PS2 and it made it all the way to Sony before anyone realized, Hey, this here's wood! LOL

Check out the article here on Joystiq. Photos included on the site--not bad for a wood shop project.

He Who Complains, Gets Cut (Darwin)

A-haha! You may have heard from awhile back that the voice actor who did GTA IV's Niko had bitched and complained that he wasn't being properly compensated for his role even though the game was making millions of dollars. (He was being paid $100,000 for the gig). Well, looks like he's being cut from the next installment...check it out here.

08 February 2009


This movie just opened Friday, Feb. 6. Please, please, please, someone go see it with me!!!