20 February 2009


Let me tell you, this game is gorgeous!! Hand-drawn characters, fluid animation, same tricks (minus the joystick/d-pad which I need tsudoku to get for me--$80!?! WTF!?), cheesier arcade soundtrack...YES! Street Fighter IV ROCKS! Unless you're playing against tsudoku (Mortal Kombat much, punk?) It's 1992 all over again.
Oh and you know, I just want to say that the only difference between me and that clerk at GameStop is that he's a virgin. (Now that I've bought my game from you and told you that I CAN PLAY Halo Wars -- albeit it was just the demo -- would you like me to tell you what sex is like?)
Speaking of Halo Wars, like I've said, I only got to mess around with the demo and it's actually kinda cool. I've never played a game like that, and my coworker tells me that type of game is called 'real time strategy.' I've got so much to learn! Apparently, if you keep playing games like that (Counter Stike, WoW), you end up ampng your multi-tasking skills. I'm going to keep at it and see if this is the route I'd like to end up going. I mean, it'd be nice to be able to eat a bagel, do my work and command an army of marines to attack the alien enemy all at the same time.

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