31 October 2010

Xbox Live Gamer Looking to Surpass the 1/2 Million Gamerscore Mark

I just read this amazing article about Stallion83, an Xbox Live gamer whose mission is to reach 1 million points!! He's currently got a Gamerscore of 500,000 and is recognized by Guinness World Records for having the highest Xbox Live Gamerscore IN THE WORLD!

How does he do it?! Well, according to Stallion83, he says that consistency is key. Some days he'll play 8 full hours, and other days he'll just play 10 minutes. In the end however, he admits he'll play any game to death.

I'll be rooting for this guy to make his goal and will be following him via his blog 1 Million Gamerscore.

30 October 2010

Zombies Amongst Us

"'Twas the night before Halloween, when outside the house,
Some creature was stirring, too human to be a mouse.
The shotguns were hung by the chimney with care,
A warning to zombies that they should beware."

Tonight's post is kind of ironic considering I hate movies or games about the dead reanimated. True, I loved 28 Days Later, but that's not really about "zombies" per se; those crazies were more along the lines of human beings who were pissed off about being infected with some aggro-virus and were just looking to rip up anything as opposed to eating your brains. Oh, and we can't deny the comedy that is Shaun of the Dead; I mean, a Queen song was used in the movie for crying out loud!

Anyhoot, my office was hosting a Halloween costume contest and since I didn't participate last year, I figured I had a shot at winning this year's event. Here's a before picture of me:

Before the makeup and the madness - or how I normally look

And here's an after picture:

This is what happens when I don't have my morning cup of coffee, or my usual helping of Raisin Brain cereal.

28 October 2010

November news

The first week or so of November is going to be hectic!

Nov. 2: Election Day. This will be the day that California voters will decide whether they should vote for or against marijuana legalization. Choose wisely voters, and read the voter information packet cover to cover!

Xbox 360 Slim with the Kinect
Nov. 4: The Kinect is officially released! I'm still entertaining the idea of taking the day off to set up the Kinect and start playing, dancing, racing, running...yeah, that's a lot of action verbs.

Nov. 9: Call of Duty: Black Ops is released. I might be standing in line for the midnight release with tsudoku at our local GameStop for this one (in which case, future blog post).

See you at midnight Nov. 9


And to think all of this will happen before Thanksgiving and the Black Friday madness.

25 October 2010

Tonight's Soiree: Back to the Future

What year is it, again?  
Tonight one of my good buddies and I are going to go see the 25th anniversary digital re-release of Back to the Future at our local AMC theatre! Twenty-five years ago on October 25, 1985, one Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) literally drove back in time and accidentally messed up the past and realized he needed to fix it, otherwise there would be no future!

I was two when this movie was first released in theatres and I remember watching it over and over again when I was five to well into my preteen years (it's what happens when your parents own a video store). I can't wait to recapture my single-digit youth with a box of popcorn and a theatre full of excited and rowdy twenty- and thirty-somethings :)

24 October 2010

Back from (New) Vegas: A Call of Duty recap

Woo!! It is so good to be back in town! Vegas, as much as I love you, your arid, desert environment combined with the constant cloud of cigarette smoke wrecks havoc on my skin. Overall, it was a great trip and believe it or not, quite relaxing. We took a lot of pictures with the fancy-schmancy DSLR, but I'm only going to show you the two most important photos from our trip to The Gun Store.

21 October 2010

Cat says, "When the owner starts packing, I will place myself in the suitcase."

As long as I'm in this box, you can't go anywhere

That's my cat, Griffin, and he's got it all figured out that I'm leaving town in the immediate future (tonight actually). So what does he do? Being the genius that he is, he decides that the best way to keep me from leaving is to lay in my suitcase and look horribly miserable. Needless to say, my heart ached when I snapped this photo last night.

In case you were wondering, Griffin is about 7 years old and is an orange tabby that gets called "Garfield" a lot by kids. He has a younger brother that I officially adopted last year named Derry, NH. Seriously, that's his full name, although I didn't put the New Hampshire part down on his tag - people might get confused and wonder how a cat from New Hampshire made it all the way down to California. Derry was definitely someone's pet and we believe he was abandoned once the housing market tanked. I think he's part Maine Coon and the vet estimates that he's now about 3 or 4 years old. Here's a kinda fuzzy photo of Derry:

What's the point in having birds around if I can't eat them?

Hopefully all will be forgiven once we return from Vegas.

20 October 2010

Heading to Vegas! (A Call of Duty related entry)

Las Vegas - The City of No Clocks
 Woo-hoo!! Vegas!!! Also known as "Sin City" and the "Land of Abandoned Inhibitions", and if you're not careful about where you sit, you may bring home something more than just an empty wallet.

I love Las Vegas. As a Southern California resident, it's only a four hour drive away - we don't even consider that outside of California! I've done many a turn-around trip from here to Vegas and back again - all in 24 hours (I was much younger then), and every time I go you can always count on one or the other happening:

1. You win (not very likely unless you're a really lucky person, in which case, let me buy you a drink), or
2. You lose (very likely, especially if you have a gambling problem).

19 October 2010

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage - the XBL demo

Scene from Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage; image courtesy of
 If it weren't for @JoystiqXbox for blasting the PSA about the forthcoming Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage demo on Xbox Live, I wouldn't have even known that this button-mashing game was going to be released just right before the holidays.

After waiting for the game to download for about 45 minutes (1.31 GB file AND I completely forgot that nothing will DL if you're watching Netflix - my bad) and about 45 minutes worth of gameplay on Legend mode (story mode based on the manga), I've reached the following conclusion:

I royally suck at this game.

15 October 2010

Movie of the Night: Tank Girl

As I'm writing this post the wonderful Lori Petty is squawking in the background in a role that was practically written for her by none other than Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. Yes, that Jamie Hewlett, the awesome artist who along with Blur frontman Damon Albarn created the super-awesome-fantastic legitimately animated band the Gorillaz. Yup, Tank Girl is on the tube (thank you, Netflix)!

I never got to watch Tank Girl before tonight, nor have I ever read the comic book, but seriously! I must've been living under a rock or something because this movie is awesome (even though it was critically panned but who listens to critics, anyway), and here's why:  

14 October 2010

LIMBO: My progress thus far

Watch out for that pit

I probably should've updated this about two weeks ago, but my progress in LIMBO is going pretty well. In fact, I've 98% of the game.

That's right, 98%.

What the heck does that mean, you ask? It means that according to the 'Cheevy Squad I haven't unlocked the final achievement to warrant a congratulatory clap handshake and a card that says, "Yay! You beat the game and as promised, here's some cake." Instead, I've been listening to the sound of crickets and once again, the cake was a complete and total LIE (there is no cake). Frickin' frakkin' frakker.

13 October 2010

Fake It Like Bacon Blog Stats - THANK YOU!

So I just read my blog stats and found out that most of my page views come from the following three countries: United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, followed by a host of different European countries and a scatter of East Asian ones. I AM ABSOLUTELY OVER THE MOON ABOUT THIS!

I'll be honest, when I started this blog I had no expectations that anyone would even bother to read what I had to say. I figured if anyone came across this blog it was only because of the "Next Blog" button at the top of the Blogger header, or maybe someone even decided to Google the words "bacon" and "fake it" just to see what would come up and voila! This was where they landed! I do apologize to those who were sorely disappointed that this was NOT what they were looking for when they typed in the keywords "fake it." (Not really).

Super happy lift-off dance! (BoxEIGHT Studios, Los Angeles, CA)

Anyhow, I think this is terrific news; it's even inspired me to be a bit more diligent in uploading content to my lil' bloggie if it means that someone out there is reading the dribble I'm writing. I've learned so much from this experience and hope to continue sharing my gaming and real world experiences with you, my audience (I can't believe I just wrote that).

Thank you so much for reading this blog, even if you didn't really mean to.

- Vickipedia (Tuff Ryd3rz)

PS: I noticed that one of the more popular page views was on my post in bringing Justice to Julian Collender. It would mean THE WORLD to me if you could sign the e-petition found on http://www.justiceforjulian.com/ so that the Orange County D.A.'s office can ensure that a thorough, unbiased investigation will provide details into the police-related shooting death of this young man. You can read more about it on my post and on the aforementioned site. And, it would be great if you asked your friends and family to sign the petition too. Thanks so much, everyone! Brownie points for all if you made it this far!

12 October 2010

At this very moment...

...tsudoku is at home playing Medal of Honor with the rest of the Tactical Gaming team, Miller Squad.

We stood in (a very short) line last night for the midnight release of the game at our local GameStop and he's been playing it since we got home. I believe he came to bed around 2:30 a.m., woke up at 6:30 to feed the cats, and as I was walking out the door, he was sending a party invite to one of his friends, khazadhea.

By the way, he's only been playing non-stop because I threatened to walk out with the game and take it with me to work.

tsudoku at the end of the line & some guy, approximately 12:15 a.m.

02 October 2010

Tonight: School of Seven Bells at the Detroit Bar!

Benjamin Curtis, Alejandra & Claudia Deheza

YES! Tonight's the night I get to take my buddy David Ziggy (@DavidisALLright) to see School of Seven Bells (@sviib) at the Detroit Bar (@DetroitBar)! So many Twitter handles...hmm. I'm absolutely excited about tonight's show!!

I first fell in love with SVIIB's sound when I downloaded the Ghostly Swim (@ghostly) compilation from the Adult Swim site a couple years ago. KCRW (an affiliate of NPR's radio broadcast) also started adding their tracks to their nightly rotation during that same time.

I only know like, three songs from them, but it doesn't matter - I'm hooked! Hopefully, @DavidisALLright will feel the same way too! Happy early birthday buddy!! :)

01 October 2010

Cute Lil' Bacon Bits

Today I'd like us to slow down and take a break from the fast-paced world of gaming and focus on something a bit more...aw-worthy and cute. Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of the kune kune piggy:

Oh hai! I iz kyoot kune-kune piggie and I wubz u!