24 October 2010

Back from (New) Vegas: A Call of Duty recap

Woo!! It is so good to be back in town! Vegas, as much as I love you, your arid, desert environment combined with the constant cloud of cigarette smoke wrecks havoc on my skin. Overall, it was a great trip and believe it or not, quite relaxing. We took a lot of pictures with the fancy-schmancy DSLR, but I'm only going to show you the two most important photos from our trip to The Gun Store.

If you read my last Vegas entry, then you already know I had my heart set on firing an FS 2000. Don't remember what I'm talking about?

FS 2000
When tsudoku and I got to the store Friday afternoon, the clerk decided to start things off by trying to sell me on buying the "Ladies Package" in case I wasn't keen on the idea of shooting a big machine gun (store clerk -1 XP). I declined and mentioned that I was looking to shoot the FS 2000, only to find out it was only available with the purchase of the "Zombie Package", something that wasn't even advertised on their web site.

After I grumbled about how much that sucked, I went on to ask if my second choice, the Steyr Aug .223, was available.

Denied. The Steyr Aug was "down" for the time being; I'm assuming it needed to be maintained or cleaned. Had I known that my two guns of choice would not be available, I would've come better prepared.

After wincing at the idea of shooting a pink AR-15 .223 and telling the clerk I was looking to shoot something that had little recoil and good accuracy, the clerk and tsudoku suggested firing the HK G36.

"I'm sorry, which one is that?"

This one:

HK G36 .223

"Fine, whatever, I'll take it."

tsudoku, who also wanted to fire the Steyr Aug .223, had to resign to the PS 90, which looks like this:

FN P90
 Since I don't have quite the ideal reach in handling the G36 the way that it should be (I'm only 5 feet tall and I don't have the longest arms), our range master accommodated by placing the bottom of the pistol grip against the front end of the counter and told me to squeeze the shoulder stock tightly up against my shoulder. She then directed me to look down the sight, aim with the red dot, and squeeze the trigger. I targeted my Nazi zombie, aimed for his face, and BAM! First kill by headshot (10G Achievement unlocked: Death by n00b).

My experience at The Gun Store proved to be fruitful yet again and I had a terrific time firing the G36. I probably won't fire it again only because the gun is bigger than me (see photo below). However, from what I understand, the G36C is used as a target practice weapon in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and is also available in all SAS missions (read more about it on the COD: MW Wiki). Maybe next time I'll get lucky and will finally get my hands on the FS 2000.


Me with the HK G36 - the gun itself would
probably be just under my shoulder in height
tsudoku with his PS 90 - guess we should've
switched guns after all

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