14 October 2010

LIMBO: My progress thus far

Watch out for that pit

I probably should've updated this about two weeks ago, but my progress in LIMBO is going pretty well. In fact, I've 98% of the game.

That's right, 98%.

What the heck does that mean, you ask? It means that according to the 'Cheevy Squad I haven't unlocked the final achievement to warrant a congratulatory clap handshake and a card that says, "Yay! You beat the game and as promised, here's some cake." Instead, I've been listening to the sound of crickets and once again, the cake was a complete and total LIE (there is no cake). Frickin' frakkin' frakker.

See?!! See?! It even says so right up there!

So what's the last achievement? It's called "No Point in Dying" and it requires you play through the entire game in one sitting with five or less deaths.

FIVE or less deaths?!

Anyone who has played this game knows that you'll die at least five times the third time you encounter the spider. Trust me, this is a game of patience; it doesn't matter how good you are at figuring out the puzzles (although it does help), but not dying more than five times? That's sheer luck and pretty much impossible.

I may give it a go (most likely not), but in my eyes I've completed the game and am ready to move on to more colorful and exciting 8-bit endeavors:

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

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