28 October 2010

November news

The first week or so of November is going to be hectic!

Nov. 2: Election Day. This will be the day that California voters will decide whether they should vote for or against marijuana legalization. Choose wisely voters, and read the voter information packet cover to cover!

Xbox 360 Slim with the Kinect
Nov. 4: The Kinect is officially released! I'm still entertaining the idea of taking the day off to set up the Kinect and start playing, dancing, racing, running...yeah, that's a lot of action verbs.

Nov. 9: Call of Duty: Black Ops is released. I might be standing in line for the midnight release with tsudoku at our local GameStop for this one (in which case, future blog post).

See you at midnight Nov. 9


And to think all of this will happen before Thanksgiving and the Black Friday madness.

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