30 October 2010

Zombies Amongst Us

"'Twas the night before Halloween, when outside the house,
Some creature was stirring, too human to be a mouse.
The shotguns were hung by the chimney with care,
A warning to zombies that they should beware."

Tonight's post is kind of ironic considering I hate movies or games about the dead reanimated. True, I loved 28 Days Later, but that's not really about "zombies" per se; those crazies were more along the lines of human beings who were pissed off about being infected with some aggro-virus and were just looking to rip up anything as opposed to eating your brains. Oh, and we can't deny the comedy that is Shaun of the Dead; I mean, a Queen song was used in the movie for crying out loud!

Anyhoot, my office was hosting a Halloween costume contest and since I didn't participate last year, I figured I had a shot at winning this year's event. Here's a before picture of me:

Before the makeup and the madness - or how I normally look

And here's an after picture:

This is what happens when I don't have my morning cup of coffee, or my usual helping of Raisin Brain cereal.

I got the inspiration (and makeup tutorial) from the wonderful Jangsara - check it out here. The entire look took me approximately 30 minutes, with the eyes taking the most time (for me at least - a lot of blending was involved and even so, I think I could've made the hollows of my eyes look darker). Jangsara included fake blood in her look, but I didn't have any laying around and I defintely wasn't going to try using my own.

I didn't win the office costume contest, but I definitely got quite a few votes from the guys. I'm guessing they're closet zombie hunters :)

Here's my complete look:

I listened to Dashboard Confessional before
I ate his brain.
Yup, I was a zombie pirate, or pirate zombie. I would've made my hands, arms and decolletage white to match my face, but I wasn't willing to put that much makeup on. No way, man! I actually kept the makeup on until around 12:15 that afternoon. Do you know how difficult it was to eat or drink anything with all that makeup on? Although, I do have to say, this was my coolest costume to date.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Tatiana said...

Oh man, great job! And I love the dress. :)

Vickipedia said...

thanks!! And to think I almost didn't go through with this idea