01 October 2010

Cute Lil' Bacon Bits

Today I'd like us to slow down and take a break from the fast-paced world of gaming and focus on something a bit more...aw-worthy and cute. Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of the kune kune piggy:

Oh hai! I iz kyoot kune-kune piggie and I wubz u!
Now before you accuse me of turning this blog into another Cute Overload or I Can Haz Cheezeburger, hear me out. First of all, no one can deny the cute, tubbiness that is the kune kune piggy (pronounce coo-knee coo-knee pig-gie)! No one! They're round, friendly, and they come in a variety of colors--perfect for each season! And look at their little snouts...they're scrunched in!! *squeeeeeee!!!!!*

I haz a short snout so I iz tee-pot kune-kune piggie
I had the pleasure to get to know these little guys during one of my visits to the county fair just this past summer. Kune kunes are a New Zealand breed of pig and they're OK to have as pets, kinda like the pot-bellied pig which I have no interest in keeping in my apartment. They love human company and can get fat just by eating grass. Kune kune: "GRASS!!?! omnomnomnom!!!!!!"

I want one in every color, including the one with the fashionable highlights!
Kune kune piggies are smart too, and can be easily trained. Hmm...I can see it now..."Cute little kune kune, please fetch me my black stiletto Steves, hun!"

If someone can get me one of these for Christmas, I will love you for-evaaaarrrrrr!!!!!!

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