26 September 2010

Cold Games to Counteract this Blazing Heat

Autumn officially started September 23rd and it's now blazing hot here in Southern California. So to honor this ridiculous fall weather heat, I've put together a very short list of games we can play to make it feel like we're sitting in an ice box. Of course, since my list is incomplete, I will gladly take any suggestions for some games that'll go great with a frozen beverage.

Halo 3 (Xbox 360)
Why: Halo is known for their massive structures called "ringworlds" and each ringworld has a different environment. In Halo 3, there is a level with a winter-like environment and that is where I suggest you spend most of your time making Spartan-angels. Just be wary of any yellow snow, it's a sure sign the Covenant's been there.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Xbox 360, PS3, Windows)
Why: The setting takes place on E.D.N. III, a planet that has been iced over. Sure the cold temperature may cause your thermal enegy to decrease at an amazing rate, and you still have to battle those damn Akrid and enemy players, but what's more awesome than running, shooting, and rolling around in the snow? I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Hydro Thunder (Nintendo 64, Playstation, arcade)
Why: Here's an oldie but goodie; however, unfortunately for me, this game is/was only available on the Nintendo/Playstation platforms. Bummer summer, dude. But if you remember this game at all, Hydro Thunder is a speedboat racing game that takes place in a number of settings from the mean, flooded streets of New York to the ice-cold waters of the Arctic Circle. Sounds like bath water to me!

Sea Life Safari (XBLA, Windows)
Why: You're in a submarine underwater taking pictures of sea animals and other aquatic life for a marine biologist who looks like Steve Zissou. If Wes Anderson is directing and Seu Jorge is singing Bowie tunes while I'm taking pictures, then I'm your water baby.

All those NHL games (Xbox, PS3)
Why: Because it's ice hockey. Hey, the Canadians had it all figured out what with all that ice and snow laying about. Besides, we can't let our neighbors to the North hog all that ice!

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