20 October 2010

Heading to Vegas! (A Call of Duty related entry)

Las Vegas - The City of No Clocks
 Woo-hoo!! Vegas!!! Also known as "Sin City" and the "Land of Abandoned Inhibitions", and if you're not careful about where you sit, you may bring home something more than just an empty wallet.

I love Las Vegas. As a Southern California resident, it's only a four hour drive away - we don't even consider that outside of California! I've done many a turn-around trip from here to Vegas and back again - all in 24 hours (I was much younger then), and every time I go you can always count on one or the other happening:

1. You win (not very likely unless you're a really lucky person, in which case, let me buy you a drink), or
2. You lose (very likely, especially if you have a gambling problem).

Vegas is weird, like gonzo weird. Depending on who you go with, you can either have a fantastic, drama-free time, or you end up watching all your relationships (romantic, personal, familial) and not to mention your finances, mortgage, and pink slip, go down in flames.

But let me tell you why I love Vegas so much: The Gun Store. Located just three-and-a-half miles off the Strip on Tropicana Blvd., The Gun Store is a retail shop that offers gun safety classes and even includes its own indoor shooting range where you can shoot handguns, fully automatic, and semi-automatic machine guns. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't believe it's legal to fire machine guns in California, which is why this place is such a major deal breaker every time I visit Vegas. I've gone twice before and have fired an MP5 9mm (also known as the Rainbow Six machine gun) and a Steyr Aug .223 (semi-automatic). So far, the Steyr Aug is my favorite and I will probably shoot another semi-automatic rifle this coming weekend. Here's what I have my eye on - the FS 2000:

FS 2000 - looks like a weapon from Aliens

For those of you familiar with Call of Duty, this weapon makes an appearance in the "No Russian" campaign mission on COD: Modern Warfare 2. The Wiki for COD describes the weapon and its usage as such:

"In singleplayer, the F2000 is seen used by the police in No Russian, and is found with a Thermal Scope in the levels Estate Takedown, Wetwork, The Enemy Of My Enemy, The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday, and Loose Ends. The EGLM grenade launcher computer system is not usable, although the M203 is. In singleplayer, it has two different types of Red Dot Sights. One version of the weapon, the F2000 Scoped, uses a Red Dot Sight whose appearance is based on the standard F2000 telescopic sight. The second, the F2000 Red Dot Sight, uses the Red Dot Sight seen on most of the other weapons. The F2000 in singleplayer has almost no recoil at all, and a high rate of fire making it much more effective than its multiplayer counterpart."

OK, don't ask me the difference between an F2000 and an FS 2000 because I seriously don't know. I'm sure I could Google it, but really, I'm just too lazy. But more importantly, I'm really excited and looking forward to getting my hands on this baby! Hopefully I'll be able to show you all a photo or two of me (and my destroyed target) after the trip :)

PS: Side story - during one of my trips to The Gun Store I overheard one of the range masters explain to a kid how to look through the sight to aim and then shoot. The kid then replied to the range master, "It's like Call of Duty!" Hmm, yes, almost but not quite.

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