15 October 2010

Movie of the Night: Tank Girl

As I'm writing this post the wonderful Lori Petty is squawking in the background in a role that was practically written for her by none other than Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. Yes, that Jamie Hewlett, the awesome artist who along with Blur frontman Damon Albarn created the super-awesome-fantastic legitimately animated band the Gorillaz. Yup, Tank Girl is on the tube (thank you, Netflix)!

I never got to watch Tank Girl before tonight, nor have I ever read the comic book, but seriously! I must've been living under a rock or something because this movie is awesome (even though it was critically panned but who listens to critics, anyway), and here's why:  

1. Lori Petty reminds me of Gwen Stefani before she became Mrs. Rosdale: pre-Return of Saturn when ska was making a comeback and when every girl owned a pair of Dickies (I had a pair of red and navy workmen ones). 
      Gwen Stefani, Lori Petty's more famous twin sister
      Combat Baby Lori Petty
    2. Tank Girl wore a weapons of mass destruction brassiere long before Lady Gaga did (I still love you, Gaga!)

    Definitely not Madonna's cone brassiere
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
    3. One of my favorite actresses, Naomi Watts, is in this movie. I DID NOT KNOW THAT! She plays Jet Girl, a smarty brunette (and the voice of reason or caution) who is still absolutely adorable and doesn't hide her hot Australian accent. 

    Before she was being chased by Samara, she was Jet Girl

    4. Ice-T as a mangaroo (man-kangaroo) who was a cop in his past life. Enough said.
    Wait, I'm a 'mangaroo'?? Do I have a pouch??
    5. I have every single song on the soundtrack by chance. Well, most of the songs: Army of Me and Big Time Sensuality by Bjork; Girl U Want by Devo; Roads by Portishead; Disconnected by Face to Face, to name a few. Basically this tells you that I really love music from the '90s.

    6. The comic book art they splice into the film reminds of the really pulpy, Roy Lichtenstein style that I've admired ever since I was a kid complete with a heavy dose of the Gorillaz (go figure, same artist!)

    7. Hello?! Grrrrrlllllll power!

    OK, I could've lived without that Cole Porter song and dance number, and I'm aware that this isn't a project that Jamie Hewlett is particularly proud of, but I don't care - Tank Girl is loud, obnoxious, filled with plot holes left and right, and you can't take it seriously. Whatever man, it's my new guilty pleasure and I like it :)

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    Tatiana said...

    Omg, I need to see this movie! It looks pretty rad. I remember it came out in the 90s and my mom wouldn't let me watch it for some reason. Now I can! (freedommmm)