03 September 2007

The anguish involved on being a NPGF

As some of you technogeeks may already know, it's September, and you know what that means: Halo 3 is due to make its anticipated release on September 25. For people like me who are bound to a relationship dictated by how long a match is going to last on Lost Planet or Gears of War, that means there's 22 more days until geek mayhem ensues. As an NPGF who's happily committed (2.5 years today as a matter of fact), I've professed my love and even went so far as to offer to stand in line for the midnight release of Halo 3 at our local GameStop. If that isn't love, then I don't know what is!

If it was just another game, perhaps I wouldn't mind - but I walk in fear! Why? When Halo 2 was released, (and this was before we became "friendly"), tsudoku (Xbox gamertag - hit him up, he's a team player) actually stood in line with his fellow virtual comrades and took TWO days off from work to beat the game. Two days!? You've got to be joking! He did mention that he reserved a copy this year, but knowing him, he'll be way too excited and go stand in line anyway. Theoretically, he'll need THREE days off to spend some quality time with Master Chief, learning all of the taunts (watch out hyper-teabaggers!), and coming up with new shooting techniques with his Lost Planet clan members.

Without the meddling and interruptions of Rainbow Six, I seriously hope I'm entitled to a three day trip to Vegas. But tell me gamers (especially those of you who have significant others who would allow you to spend some of your downtime unwinding with your teammates in Japan, Helsinki or Canada), will you be standing in line for the release of Halo 3 while your girlfriends are quickly infiltrating your bedrooms and unhooking your Xbox 360s and replacing it with GameCubes?

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