08 April 2011

Life break

Ah! Hello readers :)

This blogger’s been on quite a long break, and it was really, really needed. I apologize that this space hasn’t seen any activity for quite some time, but a lot’s happened since my last entry…which was what, the ilomilo DLC? Geez, Louise…I’m sorry!

Anyway, if you’re interested, here’s a recap of what’s been going on in my life:

1. My birthday happened – I’m now 28! Boo! [sad face]

2. I’ve been reading nonstop. I’ve finished reading I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell; The Rain Maiden; The Bird Artist; and Ender’s Game. Sadly, I haven’t picked up The Escapement like I said I would, but I’m currently reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac and am devouring every single word on every page. On the Road is my 9th book for the year, which means I have 19 more to go before I can reach my goal of reading 28 books for the year.

3. My 6 year anniversary with tsudoku happened in March…and no, I’m still not engaged. [angry face]

4. I somehow managed to finagle a ticket to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the Music Box in Hollywood where I met a comedian by the name of @DougMellard and his buddy Jason Nuckolls, a post-modern/experimental rock aficionado. We may meet up for the Explosions in the Sky show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery at the end of April.

5. tsudoku and one of our best buddies decided to go on a Mammoth trip for an extended weekend – thank god! It was awesome having the apartment to myself and I purposely made plans all weekend so I wouldn’t drive my crazy butt to Mammoth to go boarding (conditions were phenomenal – over 44’ base at that time; however, the resort had to keep most of the higher runs closed because of windy conditions).

6. I finally got to see The Descendents and Bad Religion at the Long Beach Arena last night – woot! Sadly, they were the openers for Rise Against, who I have no real interest in, but I have to acknowledge their existence because the Shift 2 trailer includes one of their singles, “Help is on the Way.”

7. I finally met tsudoku’s paternal grandmother, and I couldn’t have been any more nervous. There was a definite communication gap: she only speaks Spanish, and I only speak Vietnamese and English. All we could do was smile politely at each other…but I think she likes me and approves of the fact that her grandson is really happy being with me.

8. And finally, we’re going to start packing for our week-long trip to New Jersey – we’re flying out Monday morning! YAY! We’re really, really excited because for one, our best friends are getting married, and two, we’ve never been to the East Coast. We’re also REALLY looking forward to FINALLY meeting a couple guys from the Legion of Honor clan! I seriously hope they’re nice guys…and of legal drinking age.

That’s my current life in a nutshell. I’ll see you when I get back…I have so many pictures from the past couple months that I want to share with you, like my birthday trip to The Getty Villa and our visit to the Los Angeles County Arboretum (also known as “The Land of the Free-Roaming Peacocks.” We have so many flippin’ pictures of peacocks). Of course, while in NJ, we’ll try to take some pictures of the tanned, gelled up residents for your entertainment and for possible submission to paleisthenewtan.com :)

PS: Portal 2 is coming out in a couple weeks. I can’t wait to get my hands on GLaDos! Who’s with me?

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Thomas said...

hello fellow blogger, i decided to stopy by and... how ya doing?? i decided to put my blog into full gear. i suggest you keep updating too. oh and happy birthhday!!!!! i still gotta show you my stamp collection.