09 November 2010

Condescending LA Weekly article re: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Normally I would never, ever read anything the LA Weekly has to say about gaming, but my buddy @slimjimallen, author of the music and sports blog Partial Disclosure, tweeted me the link to this "piece" re: the midnight release event in LA for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Here are a few of my favorite tidbits from this"article":

"While you were sleeping, [the economy] partied with passive-aggressive stoners looking to blow some bitches up with toggles, middle-school Monster guzzlers looking to kill the pain with another epic bloodbath and bored-to-death businessmen looking for -- to be honest -- a reason to live."

"Last month, key "Black Ops" competitor (and neighborhood nuisance) "Medal of Honor" was released to give couch soldiers something to twiddle their thumbs with until the real deal was ready. But "Call of Duty" is like an iPod -- nothing's ever quite as good as the original."

"Inside this time capsule, new-age graphics are dazzling. The game is crisper, louder and far more customizable (think Wartime Barbie) than its predecessors or competitors -- and at a whole new level of frightening, against a backdrop of sporadic missiles and helicopters with minds of their own. Ever heard of a knife-dart or crossbow-rocket? Now you have."

Who the HELL does this "writer" think she is? Obviously, Simone Wilson has no insight to the gaming culture and community, and she's serving as the authorative voice for Call of Duty: Black Ops?? Talk about alienating your audience. Perhaps she should stick with something a bit less complicated, like Farmville, hopscotch, or even Tic-Tac-Toe. One of the commentors even mentioned that Ms. Wilson was doing a disservice (to her profession and to the gaming community) by posting such a condescending piece about one of the most popular game franchises to date without "any of the credentials" to back up her claims.

I understand Ms. Wilson is allowed to voice her opinons (it's a free country), so that means I have the right to rant about how she knows NOTHING about this game. I don't even think she's ever even heard of this franchise until the moment the assignment was handed to her! Generalizing gamers as "stoners, middle-school Monster guzzlers and bored-to-death businessmen?" Again with the whole alienating of the audience; I for one am not a stoner, middle-school energy drinker, or businessman (I am however, a woman and I'm hardly ever bored). Oh and by the way, Medal of Honor not being quite as good as the original Call of Duty? Here's a small breakdown for you:

COD: BO - set during the Cold War; MOH - set after September 11 attacks in Afghanistan
COD: BO - developed by Treyarch, published by Activision; MOH - developed by Danger Close (part of Electronic Arts) and DICE
What they have in common: first-person shooter, war, and you know nothing about them

So do us all a favor, Simone Wilson, next time do your research and then go STFU.

Read the full LA Weekly piece here.

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