09 November 2010

Quickie update: pictures from this morning's COD: BO midnight release

Call of Duty: Black Ops officially released this morning at 12:01 am and tsudoku and I were (once again) near the end of the line to pick up our copy of the game. From what I heard from the Iraq vet standing behind us, the first guy in line showed up at 8 o'clock to take part in the festivities which included prize giveaways (I think) and lots and lots of NOS energy drinks.

We got there around 11:50 and this was what the line looked like; it stretched around GameStop, onto the sidewalk, and into the back parking lot:

Back parking lot. The GameStop manager said it'd be about 90 minutes from
this point until we reached the door

After taking this picture, I told 'doku, "Yeah I'm gonna go to IHOP and eat. You want anything?"

"How about some Jack in the Box?"

"How about no?" Eventually, I caved in and got Jack in the Box for the both of us when what I really wanted was a cup of hot chocolate. And a parka. It was freezing out.

Here are a couple more pictures:

Patient gamers waiting waiting waiting on the sidewalk

The front of the line minus the velvet rope

We got home around 12:50 am, which wasn't too bad. I asked 'doku to buy the limited edition strategy guide and maps so that I could study them and figure out where all the spawn points would be located. What's great about the new maps for Black Ops is that they're finally using a grid system, making it easier to coordinate with your team exactly where that sniper is shooting from.

The minute we got home, 'doku sat himself down on the floor in front of the TV with his Turtle Beach headphones and started playing with khazad hea (in New Jersey). I don't think he came to bed at all (again) as I found him passed out on the couch with the lights still on (but the TV and Xbox off thankfully). I guess I should've taken a picture of that but I'll save that for next time when we get Child of Eden and/or Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (both for the Kinect). Until next time...

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