24 November 2010

Not a zombie just yet!

Whew! Sorry I haven't been updating the bacon blog as of late. With the holidays quickly approaching and many, many family arguments to look forward to, I've been staying put in my shell and have tried to spend more time taking care of my only New Year's Resolution from the start of the year - redecorate my home. We're making progress; last night we finally bought an area rug!

But just because I've been M.I.A. for the past couple weeks doesn't mean I haven't kept up with the news, and there have been a TON of gaming news in the grapevine just today alone.
  1. I just found out that people actually hack their Kinect devices and turn them into something more than just a gaming device. KinectHacks is a terrific site dedicated to "expanding [the Kinect's] possibilities." Technology is so freakin' awesome, and so are the minds at work in making technology bend to our will. Be sure to check out the shadow fighting video and the Kinect-controlled Christmas lights.
  2. Marky Mark (not the one from the New Kids on the Block, but the one who thought he could actually rap) has confirmed that he's going to portray Nathan Drake in the big-screen version of the Sony game Uncharted. Like I told my buddy @DavidisALLright on Twitter:

    @ Mark Wahlberg as Drake in Unchartered (the movie). Sounds good, right? RIGHT?

    @ I never played Uncharted bcs its strictly for PS platform. However, Marky Mark as Nate Drake = big mistake = BO* failure [*BO = box office]
  3. While I don't own a Wii (in fact, I've pretty much snubbed it in favor of the Kinect), I found this really cute slide show on the evolution of Donkey Kong, probably put together by the peeps at Yahoo! to spotlight the release of that one game, you know, Donkey Kong Country Returns. Okay I admit, I'm a little jealous; I mean, who doesn't love that animated, banana-crazy, Mario-chasing gorilla?
  4. Good news Call of Duty players everywhere! Activision will not charge a subscription fee for multiplayer! w00t! Go here for the short and sweet Joystiq article.
On to personal gaming news, I am sad to announce that tsudoku is no longer affiliated with the Tactical Gaming community as of approximately two weeks ago. He can still be found on XBL on a mostly daily basis; however, he won't be particpating in any more team practices. If you're looking to game with a team player or are looking for some friendly competition, you can contact tsudoku on XBL by leaving him a quick message. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to team up with you. (Disclaimer: he's good, but he's a really nice guy).

Oh, and for those of you who may be wondering what Kinect games I'll be purchasing next (probably way after Black Friday): Kinect Joy Ride and Your Shape Fitness Evolved.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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