17 December 2010

Best indie game 2010: LIMBO

Best Indie Game 2010! Image courtesy of Playdead Studios and
Microsoft Game Studios

Is it any surprise that LIMBO keeps getting the recognition it deserves on all sorts of "Best of..." lists? Here are a few accolades this awesome x 3 $10 game has received in the past year or so:
  • Best Indie Game 2010 - Spike Video Game Awards 
  • 6th Best Video Game of 2010 - TIME magazine 
  • 3rd Best Xbox Live Arcade Title - September 2010, IGN 
  • 10th Best Indie Game 2010 - Gamasutra.com 
  • Winner of the "Technical Excellence" and "Excellence in Visual Art" at the Independent Games Festival at the 2010 Game Developers Conference 
  • Winner of GameSpot's Best Downloadable Game - 2010, E3 Conference

Some of you may complain about the lack of a narrative and its relatively short length compared to the price (you can finish this game in a day, I think), but I find this game to be absolutely charming and quietly gory. Playdead Studios presented a visually simple masterpiece that has become a sleeper hit in the gaming community. It's an unexpected winner for 2010 and I can't help but keep singing the praises of this game.

Playdead Studios - congratulations! I'm looking forward to your next game!

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