21 December 2010

Movie Weekend Review

This past weekend was particularly eventful for the 'ryder-'doku household, and a particularly rainy one at that. What perfect way to spend a miserably wet and rainy Southern California weekend than to watch a couple of movies? I shouldn't complain too much; I suppose it's better to be rained on than snowed on (hello to the Midwest!).

This weekend's movies included a newbie (or a sequel to an oldie) and a not-so-oldie-oldie: Tron Legacy and The Lake House.

Starring old Jeff Bridges, young Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner

My thoughts: I liked it! I really, really liked it! @DavidisALLright, 'doku and I watched Tron Legacy at our local IMAX theatre in 3D, which really brought the visuals to life. I thought the film did a great job serving as the sequel to the first Tron, and because I watched the first film recently, I had a pretty easy time understanding the storyline (although it's not entirely necessary to watch the first film beforehand as Tron Legacy will take the time to explain major points pertaining to the previous film). Daft Punk did an amazing job with the film's score, which enhanced each and every scene and left me little time to feel bored. And yes, the duo makes an appearance three times in the movie during the End of Line Club scene - naturally, they're the DJs.

Now, I read a couple reviews on metacritic.com and rottentomatoes.com and both sites pretty much have the same rating of 49% as of today from actual people who make a living as movie critics, and a much more favorable 77% score from regular movie goers like me. I'll agree with some of the things the the critics have mentioned, such as disjointed acting performances (but come on, let's be real. The acting in Tron Legacy is just as bad as the acting in Tron, so I'm giving credit to consistency); but there are other things that I definitely will not agree with and will call BS on it in a heartbeat (Tron Legacy is a wannabe Star Wars. You could so totally tell in that fight scene between Tron and Sam because Tron's like Darth Vader with the red light saber and Sam's like Luke with the blue light saber. HA! That's a bit of a stretch and more of a coincidence).


If, however, the writers decided that Sam (Hedlund) and Quorra (Wilde) should become physically or romantically involved, that totally would've killed this movie for me. Don't get me wrong, I love me some on-screen PDA, but for this type of movie, it's better to keep that sort of thing implied - kudos to you, writers!


Image courtesy of movie-fever.com

Starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock

My thoughts: Do not judge me. Every now and then I will watch a chick flick and make my boyfriend watch it with me so that he may hold me as I'm crying. This is pretty much what happened and it wasn't until after the movie had ended that he discovered that I smuggled a box of tissues from the restroom so that I could keep grabbing for a dry one to dab my eyes with.

"Is that a box of tissues?!"

"Shut it! I brought them out for you too, just in case!"

Ahem. I digress. He and I agreed that this is a "cute" movie and there was great on-screen chemistry between Reeves' and Bullock's characters. The Lake House is a remake of a Korean film by the name of Il Mare and is about waiting. Alex Wyler, an architect played by Reeves, and Dr. Kate Forster played by Bullock, live two years apart and are able to communicate with one another by leaving lovely written notes in a mysterious time-bending mailbox located at the lake house he is fixing up (2004-2006) and that she used to rent (2006-2008).

Alex takes Kate on walking dates by leaving her notated maps in the mailbox, and she leaves him quirky messages and even a book of his father's architectural accomplishments after his father passes on. She tells him that the book won't be published two years after his father's death, which explains the many blank pages. A scruffy puppy is also involved which they both own and call "Jack." We don't know what happens to her at the end :(

One of my favorite scenes from Kate's walk through Chicago. Alex left her this sweet
note on an abandoned wall. Image courtesy of lifeismovie.com

I don't want to explain too much of the movie without giving it away, but I will tell you that one of the reasons I enjoyed this movie is because it's about waiting. How often have we found ourselves in that romantic limbo where we have to wait for the time to be right to actually be with that special someone? For me and 'doku, it was almost ten years; things finally worked out for us during my last year and a half of college. Sometimes, it's worth it to wait things out :)

Seriously, grab some tissues - you'll need it.

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