15 January 2011

Current Obsession: ilomilo on XBLA

Image courtesy of SouthEnd Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios

  • Released on XBLA: January 5, 2011
  • 800 MS points (about $10 USD)
  • ESRB: E (for everyone)
  • Puzzle platform
  • Single and multi-player capable - however, there can be only one active character playing at a time
  • Collect stuff, get prizes
  • EASTER EGGS (10 to be exact)

Do you like cute things? How about real cutesy music, do you like that too?? Do you also happen to like solving puzzles? If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then you will absolutely LOVE ilomilo!

ilomilo was developed by Sweden's SouthEnd Interactive, the same company that brought you Deathrow and XIII. The story is simple: two friends, ilo and milo, meet at this bizarro park every day to drink tea, hang out, and enjoy each other's company. At the end of the day, both ilo and milo go home to their respective homes and meet again the next day. However, this proves to be a challenge because every day the park somehow changes and it gets progressively harder for ilo and milo to meet up. The objective is to unite ilo and milo who start off at separate ends of each level of this strange park.

"This isn't where we agreed to meet for tea, is it?" Big ups to
blog.ilomilo.com for the image!

In order to successfully meet your objective (in the least moves possible...I guess it's like golf), the player(s) have to get ilo and milo to use these utilitarian lifeforms known as "Cubes" to get the job done. Different Cubes have different abilities, like floating, extending across gaps, and rotate, all which help ilo and milo complete their quest. As if that wasn't hard enough, ilo and milo also have to save these lil' itty bitty guys called "safkas" otherwise they'll be really, really sad.

There are 49 levels to complete. I will be the first to admit that I've been dawdling on the single-player mode and have been playing the game with tsudoku pretty much every night for about an hour. Each level can take some time and requires a different kind of patience than the one I required when playing LIMBO, but that's really like comparing apples to oranges.

What really sold me on the game is that once you start playing, you can't stop. You really don't want these little guys to keep getting lost - that's also sad! Plus you feel all warm and fuzzy once you reunite these cute BFFs. The really adorable soundtrack doesn't hurt either :) You'll also get to meet some colorful characters, like the Frenchie looking Napoleon Bonaparte-esque dude named Sebastian. Don't worry, Sebastian's cool; he's there to dole out advice all while flying on his winged stallion that happens to look like a fat ladybug. Other perks include collecting "memory fragments" for a separate subplot of the ilo and milo story, collecting records to expand your music gallery, and concept sketches of the game's characters and settings.

If you're looking to read a pretty good review on ilomilo, check out the one over on Joystiq. And be sure to check out the official trailers for ilomilo below.

PS: this square piece of meat makes an appearance in the game.

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