01 January 2011

Review: A World of Keflings

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A World of Keflings
Developed by NinjaBee
Released December 22, 2010 for XBLA
Cost: 800 MS Points ~$10
Downloaded December 22nd
Completed December 25th (Merry Christmas to me!!)

In a nutshell

- Multi-player
- Story-driven
- More floorplans
- Three kingdoms to explore
- High replay value

- Not enough kingdoms
- Length vs. cost (still on the fence about this)

I love my Keflings and since I am a person of small stature, being called an all-mighty giant by my Kefling minions makes me feel...taller. The sequel to the wildly successful A Kingdom for Keflings doesn't suffer from the sophomore syndrome of mediocrity and instead offers players an actual storyline, more maps, and a higher replay value compared to the first game.

To be honest, the number one reason why I managed to finish this game so quickly was because tsudoku and I took advantage of the multi-player option and worked on the maps together. We both shared a set of Kefling lackeys who helped us carry building materials and other structures, assigned each Kefling villager to mine, transport, or trade resources, and even bust a move or two (the most you'll ever see tsudoku dance). Had I played the game from start to finish all on my own, which I will in the near future, I'm sure it would take me much longer to complete the game and build the King's castle.

There are more floorplans to complete, three different kingdoms to explore, more colorful characters (don't call that merchant a pirate just because he's wearing a prosthetic leg), an emote wheel, and cannons....lots and lots of cannons for your Keflings to play with. And of course, the music is still the same old catchy tune that's been in my head for DAYS.

Here's what I really love about this game versus the predecessor: your Keflings really, really appreciate you! It's not just the king's kingdom; it's everyone's and you're included! Because your Keflings appreciate you so much, they've put together a final floorplan for your gift...a surprise I'll let you unlock at the end of the game :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed for more downloadable content in hopes that there will be a couple more kingdoms to explore. I'm a little on the fence about the length of the game versus the actual cost because like I said earlier, I've yet to play the game in its entirety on my own. However, due to the high replay value, I'm almost certain the cost is pretty justified.

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