09 January 2011


Disclaimer: I'm still a bit sick and medicated...if things in this post don't make sense, let me know and I'll fix it when I'm over this cold.

Hola my whimsical whimsies!! Fake It Like Bacon is going on the road to New Jersey and New York! We just booked our tickets for our week-long vacation to New Jersey/New York for April 11-18th and we're looking forward to visiting the Big Apple! (Why is it called the Big Apple anyway?) Two of our really good friends will be getting married in Livingston, NJ but since we'll be out there for a good week, we're going to act like tourists and see what the city has to offer two born and raised Southern Californians.

If you live in the NJ/NY area, get in touch with me with me via Twitter or leave a comment on this blog - what should tsudoku and I do during our brief stay in the East Coast? We both love to eat and drink, I love museums, and have every intention to visit NYU while we're there. And, I hear Dina Lohan (Lindsay's mom) lives in Long Island...if you can make it happen so that we can party with her, that would be uber awesome :) Of course, no trip would be complete without a trek to the famed Jersey Shore...going there will be our ultimate goal!

I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful. Thanks paleisthenewtan.com!

Fist-pumpin' in a town near you starting April 2011!

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