31 January 2009

Another casualty due to the economy...

So now that we're forced to participate in the "Work Share" program at work where they make every one of us take off a day a week without pay, I guess I'll have a bit more time to do stuff at home. Oh, and to upkeep this blog, right? Here's what I think I'll do with my extra day each week:
  • read
  • sleep
  • get fat
  • surf unblocked websites that would otherwise be blocked at work (e.g., Twitter, Myspace, UrbanDictionary.com; funny how TMZ.com still isn't blocked, wouldn't that site be considered 'tasteless'?)
  • play more video games
  • snowboard midweek (if the season gets any better, which I doubt due to global warming, the economy, and Al Gore)
  • take more social networking photos of myself - here, what do you think of this one?

This was last night, where I don't normally look like this. Usually my face isn't so...colorful.

Anyway, since I'm essentially taking a pay cut, that means I have to be a bit more creative when it comes to spending money, meaning, I shouldn't but it happens. Coupons, expired pastries at a discounted price, hitchhiking, tipping 18% instead of 20%, you name it, I'll probably find any way that I can to cut corners just to save money and not change my lifestyle (which isn't too expensive, I don't think).

Happy birthday to me.


Anonymous said...

my comment to the picture-
stunning- takes my breath away

Anonymous said...

comment for the picture
stunning- takes my breath away

Anonymous said...

it is a good picture

Vickipedia said...

you guys are so sweet! I should defiitely post up a more recent photo of me though...I've got bangin' bangs now! LOL