06 January 2009

Really, really BAD Boy TV

Only on MTV can you get away with really, really, REALLY bad TV!

From G's to Gents: really bad gangsta caterpillaz metamorphosizing into really bad butterfliez. Guido, can you tell me which one is the salad fork?

Bromance: aka who wants to be Brody Jenner's BFF? Bro contestant: Brody, I will be your GameCube, just like how you will always be my Natty Lite. Now slip out that black dildo and let's get this friendship started. (Wait, what?)

Tool Academy: The hot chicks from Hot Chicks with Douche Bags have had enough of their men and their douche-baggery! Turn my tool of a boyfriend into husband material! (And OK yes, I know, this is on VH1, but really, it's like MTV 2.1)

Wow, I mean really, wow. Let's hear it for the boys!

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