05 January 2009


My sister just finished telling me and my mom that she was robbed at supposed gunpoint earlier today while she was working her register at the Rite Aid in Costa Mesa. Scary stuff...I'm so proud of her though; I mean, she completely kept her cool, did what the guy told her to do, and all the while she was getting a really good look at the guy. (Older white male, wore dark sunglasses, about 6 feet tall, maybe 40-60 years old, and calmly left in a white truck driven by another male).

It turns out he's been robbing several different markets and CVS's around Orange County. I even found an article in the OC Register that talked about how he unsuccessfully tried to pull the same thing at two 99 Ranch Markets in Irvine (they're like miles apart from one another). Check it out, there's even a link to a video of the whole incident at one of the 99 Ranch Markets - take a good look at him and if you've seen him before, contact the local authorities.

Even after she gave the police her account of what happened and they collected all the evidence, she went to lunch and came back to finish the rest of her shift. That's ballsy right there.

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