14 January 2009

What's with all the movies posts?

Hmm...you may have realized that the past couple posts have been about movie reviews...what gives? Well, every year I go on a movie binge right before the Academy Awards just to see which movies can own up to a nomination (Slumdog Millionaire) and which ones I'd feel would be completely worthless to even get a nod (Gran Torino). Gimme a break, it's one of the most important movie events of the year and I haven't missed a beat since I was like, 5. The Oscars are a huge deal, whether or not you're a movie buff (which I'm not compared to my friend Darkhorse David).

Until then, I'm gonna keep watching as many movies as I possibly can before the show...or as long as my budget can hold out. Yay solo film festival for me!

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